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Museum fire car fights forest fire

Unusually hot and dry summer this year caused many problems in Russia. Talitsy museum is situated amidst thickfur and pine forests and peat marshes. So, following high risk of forest fires, it was decided to convert one of the vintage lorries from museum's automotive collection into a fire car.

Following the wide spread pattern of early post-WW2 years when new fire-fighting equipment was scarce, the one ton water tank was mounted on the standardGAZ-51 2 1/2 ton lorry chassis, together with lockers and brackets for basic fire-fighting equipment and a reel for firehoses.

The pump was attached to the front bumper, receivingrotation from the engine's crankshaft through special clutch. To provide additional supply of water, the eight ton tankwagon, one-ton jeep trailer and several stationary tanks were all filled with water. Just in time!

In early hours on August'17 the forest fire broke out about two kilometers from Talitsy. Very fortunatelly, it was immediatelly reported, and the museum team rushed to fight the fire. In about half an hour the fire was killed out. However, the fire car and Willys jeep with water trailer remained in the woods untill morning because of the risk of dry moss repeatedly ingniting. In the morning the risky territory was wetted out.



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