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Hot bulb oil stationary engine resqued from the bank of the river Lahost'

In autumn 2009 the museum team, together with Yaroslavl jeep club, organised a research expedition to the marshes near Uglich, where a narrow gauge steam locomotive was rumored to survive. Not even traces of the locomotive were found, but we have received numerous interesting information.

Among it was the news of hot bulb engine surviving at the former pioneer camp on the river Lahost', not far from Gavrilov-Yam. The place has attracted our attention for some time already, being the last home of old four-wheel broad gauge carriages, once used in the camp as summer houses. Now time came to get to the camp.

In late April 2010 the reconnaissance expedition was organised to Lahost' to check out if the engine was still there. The dirt road to the camp appeared impassable even for the four-wheel drive vehicles, and most day was spent in hiking. The engine was at place! This was 12 h.p. stationary oil bulb engine, built by "Red Progress" works in the 1920es. Luckily, the owners agreed to donate the engine to the museum.

After May holidays, when the road to the camp dried enough to allow specially prepared jeeps, the joint expedition of Pereslavl museum and "No-roader" company team set off for Lahost'. To recover the engine it was necessary to dismantle it into several parts, as the wooden bridges on the road to the camp were too weak to bear the weight of a lorry. The parts were loaded into two jeeps and successfully moved to Talitsy.

Oil Bulb engine on the bank of Lahost'

First mud

Russian road

Old broad gauge four-wheel carriage

Dismantling of the engine

Winching the engine up the river bank

Nearly inside

Unusual spare wheel

More of Russian road

At home


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