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May 29, 2009. Ft4-028. Dismantling of the cab

The dismantling of the cab allowed to receive good access to the boiler and firebox for close inspection and repairs.

Dismantling of the cab.

Photo by Dmitry Sutyagin

The cab was removed from the chassis by KZhU-O rail-mounted crane. After that the loco was shunted into the shed for further attention.

Steam locomotive without the cab.

Photo by Dmitry Sutyagin

After the boiler cladding and insulation were completely removed, inspection showed that the boiler was in excellent condition.

Boiler and firebox are visible now.

Photo by Dmitry Sutyagin

The removed cab was placed on a special trolley. This allows to move it round the shed freely and to conduct repairs to the cab independently from the engine itself.

The locomotive's cab on the trolley.

Photo by Dmitry Sutyagin

Five-minute video (16.5 MB) shows the dismantling of the locomotive.


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