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May 23, 2009. Ft4-028 restoration continues

Ft4-028 was the first steam locomotive in our collection. This was the engine to haul the first tourist train on June 2, 1991. For many years the loco worked with charter trains and participeted in moovie shooting. However, time eventually came for the next major overhaul.

Ft4-028 steam engine.

Photo by Dmitry Sutyagin,
November 7, 2003.

At the first stage traces of numerous modernisations were deleted. Air reservoirs were removed from the roof, oil tank taken out of the bunker. The crude hole in the bunker's side, once cut for the installation of an air pump, was welded up.

Steam engine during the welding.

Photo by Dmitry Sutyagin, Winter 2006.

Then went repairs of the frames and engine, but due to certain reasons the work had to be stopped. For many months the locomotive could be observed in Talitsy shed, cleared from old paint.

Preparation for the water tanks dismantling.

Photo by Dmitry Sutyagin

On May 23, 2009, after long break, the restoration resumed.

Water tanks dismantling.

Photo by Dmitry Sutyagin

Both water tanks were removed for inspection and clearing.

Ft4 loco without the tanks.

Photo by Dmitry Sutyagin

This allowed to inspect the boiler cladding. First inspection revealed no serious damage, but the need for complete replacement of boiler insulation became evident.

The boiler's cover plates are removed.

Photo by Dmitry Sutyagin

The nearest plans include the removing of the cab and more thorough boiler inspection.


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